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Elaine Lindsay

I'm Elaine Lindsay Helping You Crack the Digital Code -so You Shine Online

Elaine Lindsay -Speaker♦Trainer in Video - Social Media - Search ♦ Strategist-Consultant ♦ Helping You Crack the Digital Code and Be Found Online ♦ Make it Matter ♦ Integrate ♦ Optimize ♦ Aim for Page One ♦ Host - @BBPTVShow ♦ #LetsEngage Blab


In early 2007 Elaine joined Facebook to stalk her adult children. Elaine saw the opportunities for her web clients and quickly surpassed her kids in followers. Mentoring with Mari Smith, Elaine dove into Social media. An early adopter, Elaine joined Google+ about day 3 and became a Hangout regular.  In 2012 Google search became semantic. Elaine predicted social media would become a key factor in search optimization.  Elaine hosts @BBPTVShow and believes video is NOW Critical for your digital presence.


Your most important marketing strategy for 2016 is Effectively Using Video to get your message to your audience. Going forward INTEGRATION is KEY :

You must have an Optimized and Integrated Digital Web Presence


Find Elaine @ the corner of  social media & search

Elaine Lindsay 's Background

Elaine Lindsay 's Experience

Speaker | Trainer | Google+ Trainer | Social Media & Relationship Marketing Strategist at TROOL Social Media

January 2010 - Present | Ottawa Canada

Elaine Lindsay is Social Media, & Search Optimization and Integration. Strategist, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, and Certified Relationship Marketing Professional In 2011, Elaine Lindsay predicted that social platform interactions would have an impact on search results.~ Understanding Social Media By 2012, Google was already proving Elaine’s prediction to be accurate, as they took search from Boolean to Semantic. Now in 2016, Everything happening on social has an effect on search results and more to the point your website, blog and social media are all relevant to your visibility online. Elaine started web design in 1999, creating a website for a regional councillor. Very quickly, Elaine found that even the most beautiful website was irrelevant if it could not be found in search. By 2003, Elaine was deeply immersed in SEO. A recognized speaker and trainer on the subjects of social media, and integration of search-engine optimization, Elaine developed and delivered social media marketing courses for memberships, clients and groups and has taught a variety of web-based courses. In 2007 when facebook opened to the public, Elaine joined in order to stalk her adult children. Seeing the possibilities for clients, she went on to integrate social media in their digital portfolios. Elaine is a featured authority in three Amazon #1 Best Sellers ‘Understanding Social Media’ ‘Social Media Myths:Busted’ and Solving the Social Media Puzzle‘ Elaine is the host of the monthly @BBPTVShow where guests share their journey through the online world, and how they overcome the challenges in business and in life. Contributor to: CTV Morning Live, Virtual Newsmakers, Online Footprint Magazine, Elaine spoke at Google in Boston, for SocialHR Camp Participant in the first ever Google+ #NYC HIRL (Hangout in Real Life). Elaine Says After losing part of my leg, gaining some metal, titanium and other new parts as well multiple surgeries and hospital stays I am Bionic and I am uniquely positioned to speak to the concept ‘keep on going‘.. I play the ‘Glad” Game every day, and find the humor in almost everything. My Gran & Life have taught me much and I want to share her wisdom with the world. The road has not always been easy or smooth. I feel the ups and downs have molded me into the woman I am today. Connect with me: @troolsocial /+ElaineLindsay Email Elaine

Elaine Lindsay 's Education

The Relationship Marketing Institute

2011 – 2012

Certified Social Media & Relationship Marketing Professional

Concentration: Social media and seasrch

Elaine Lindsay 's Interests & Activities

People are my #1 interest. Cracking the Digital Code and translating the web into plain language so small business gets it and can shine in social and search! Helping others to use best practices in search & social for an optimized and integrated digital presence. Schmoozing ♥ Customer Service Excellence ♥ Best Practices ♥ Playing the 'Glad Game' ♥ Online Video: Hangouts & Live Streaming ♥ Animals ♥ Reading ♥ Mindfulness ♥ Attitude of Gratitude

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